Emily J. Symmes

Integrated Pest Management Advisor, University of California Statewide IPM Program and Cooperative Extension

Dr. Emily J. Symmes is an Integrated Pest Management Advisor with the University of California Statewide IPM Program and Cooperative Extension. Based in the Sacramento Valley region of California, she conducts applied research and extension programs targeting key arthropod and disease pests in a number of agricultural commodities in the state. Primary focus in recent years has been on insects and mites impacting orchard production, particularly almonds and walnuts. She works collaboratively with fellow University of California Faculty, Specialists, and Advisors, in addition to a multitude of external partners (state and federal agencies, commodity boards, and private industry). Her work centers around a broad IPM systems approach to problem-solving, with the goal of providing agricultural producers profitable, sustainable, and ecologically-sound pest management solutions. This approach focuses on robust understanding of plant-pest interactions, paired with information-driven decision support and the incorporation of all effective management tactics (e.g., biological controls, cultural management practices, and behavior modification techniques, among others).