Dr. Michael Austin

Head of Global Agronomy, Agrinos

Dr. Michael Austin is the Agrinos Head of Global Agronomy (Research and Development), emphasizing scientific research for existing and new product lines through field, greenhouse and commercial trial activities around the world for the America’s, Europe & Asia.

Mike previously worked in the seed industry with Syngenta Seeds, DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred, and the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center (HARC). He attended Michigan State University (B.S.), The University of Florida (M.S.), and the University of Hawaii (Ph.D.).

Agrinos is a biological crop input provider committed to shaping the future of modern agriculture. Agrinos’ portfolio of High Yield Technology (HYT) products helps farmers practice profitable agriculture by providing increased crop productivity, improved quality, enhanced nutrient use and a reduced environmental footprint. Extensive research and field trials have proven Agrinos’ HYT® products drive yield and quality improvements across a broad range of specialty and commodity crops in a wide variety of environments and growing conditions. Products featuring Agrinos’ HYT platform are registered for commercial agricultural sales in over 20 countries