Carlos Lazcano

Director Research & Development, J&D Produce, Inc.

Dr. Lazcano has a college degree from Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico in Agricultural Engineering. He worked on his own farm for 6 years before attending Texas A&M University where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Horticultural Sciences and Vegetable Production. Dr. Lazcano has been Director of Research & Development for J&D Produce, Inc. in South Texas for 18 years. He is responsible for development of new areas and crops for J&D Produce, as well as production protocols. Also, as part of his duties, he is in charge on all areas of production of the company in the US, Mexico and South America.  Also, he works closely with growers, government agencies, private fertilizer and pesticide companies and Universities in the search to develop the best production protocols for desired areas. Currently, he works with 35 crops and specialized on sweet onions.

J&D Produce, Inc. is a family owned company in South Texas where has been in operation for 30 years. It grows 35 crops on 7,500 acres in the US, Mexico and South America. J&D Produce is a grower, packer and distributor of fresh greens and vegetables. For our company the goals of quality produce and service are first and foremost. Little Bear Brand produce prides itself in providing chain stores in the US and Canada with not only the most nutritious, but the freshest and safest produce available.  J&D Produce, invests in new technologies that maintain the soil strength, high value genetics and partners with growers in the Americas to provide quality consistency to our customers year round.