Charlie McKenzie

Director of Partnership/Co-founder, CropWalk/CropTalk

Charlie is a former grower and proud UGA bulldawg. After managing a “big-box” bedding plant operation, he entered the cannabis industry and spent time managing a high CBD greenhouse and field operation in Colorado. During his time as a grower, he found that helping other growers better understand how to use and implement biocontrol was his ultimate passion. While working for Biobest USA as a technical advisor in the South East, Charlie had the opportunity to work with and learn from many talented growers and knowledgeable industry colleagues. Since December 2018, Charlie has focused his time on the company he co-founded, CropWalk, an integrated pest management services company. Charlie also hosts CropTalk, a podcast for the agriculture and green industry, featuring innovative members of the community. #startcleanstayclean

CropWalk is an integrated pest management services company with the core values of being founded for growers, by growers and a company that evolves as it listens to its customers needs. Through innovative beneficial insect application techniques, improved scouting and monitoring efficacy and environmental sensing, CropWalk delivers unparalleled support and insight to growers seeking assistance with their pest management program or crop environmental management.