Biocontrols USA West 2018 Recap

Biocontrol in Demand from Produce Retailers and Consumers

Biological control has moved into the mainstream. After years of experimentation and new and improved technologies, biocontrol is becoming a more regular part of many growers’ integrated pest management (IPM) programs. And the timing couldn’t be better, as consumer demands for more sustainable production methods for the produce and ornamentals they buy are moving back upstream. Retailers have taken notice and many are beginning to set expectations for what they want to see from the growers they choose to buy from.

Biocontrol, of course, is a good fit for growers looking to add more sustainable tools in their production. Those that aren’t becoming familiar with these options risk being left behind as the market moves forward without them.

This was one of the most prominent themes of the recent Biocontrols USA West Conference & Expo, held March 7-9, 2018 in Carlsbad, CA, just north of San Diego. Nearly 400 growers, crop consultants, researchers, crop protection retailers, and industry suppliers took part in the event, taking a look at all aspects of biological control, from new products, to production and application techniques, to marketing promotions and supply chain considerations. Attendees also had access to one-on-one discussions with 45 of the biocontrol industry’s leading suppliers on their latest products and crop protection techniques. Read full article.

Why Attend

Back for a fourth successful year and still growing

The latest production information on new technologies and new crops

Ground-level learning in hands-on workshops

Meet with the top suppliers of biocontrol products and services

More opportunities to earn continuing education credits

Biocontrols Conference & Expo Highlights

  • Real-world success stories of how to integrate biocontrols along with conventional and organic options in integrated pest management programs
  • Practical knowledge that will help you select, purchase, apply, and measure the effectiveness of biocontrol products in real-world growing environments
  • Latest products and technological developments in biocontrols
  • Regulatory and market developments that are encouraging or requiring more use of biocontrols
  • A dynamic tradeshow floor featuring many of the top biocontrol suppliers in the country.
  • For PCAs and CCAs, the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)