Learn everything you need to know about biocontrols from the experts.

Growers attend to:

  • Learn about technologies and solutions in the pipeline
  • Better understand MRL and export guidelines
  • Hear peer success stories
  • Gain knowledge about IPM systems and ROI

Distributors attend to:

  • Interact and gain intelligence on grower product needs
  • Understand biocontrols applications
  • Hear more on product handling, success stories and regulatory updates

Agents attend to:

  • Learn from local grower success stories
  • Understand how conventional chemistries interact with bio products
  • Hear more about IPM systems

Manufacturers attend to:

  • Showcase their products
  • Bolster brand awareness
  • Offer demonstrations to key decision makers in South Africa, including growers, consultants, agents, and distributors

Conference & Education

Learn global supply/demand trends, best practices for the application and storage of biological products, as well as agronomic benefits for operations throughout Africa. See the agenda.

Exposition & Company Showcase

Meet new business partners, learn about the latest products, understand cutting-edge R&D. Manufacturers from Africa and around the world will share the technology that will propel the biocontrols market forward.