Global Distributors Seek More Biological Inputs

For the fifth year, AgriBusiness Global’s annual State of the Industry Survey and special report has explored the growth of biological pesticides and biostimulants as they become a more crucial technology for growers and companies that supply inputs.

Through the years, global manufacturers and distributors alike have elevated the importance of biological products in their business strategies. Almost 90% of this year’s respondents say they are seeing increased demand for biological products in 2016. These demand drivers vary from consumers, grocery retailers, farmers, and crop input retailers.

Looking at results from importers, wholesalers, and distributor companies, almost 49% of respondents counted biopesticides as part of their product mix, up from 40% a year ago and 34% in 2014. Biological stimulants also surged, with 36% selling them in the past year compared with 24% in the previous year.