Biocontrols Africa explores how members of the value chain can use biological products to maximize their return on investment (ROI). This program will explore new products, how to manage MRLs, and offer insights about the rapidly changing developments related to biocontrol technology. Attendees will get real-world success stories from growers on how to integrate biocontrols with conventional and organic options into integrated pest management programs; understand how demand is being shaped for future segment growth; and learn how products make their way from manufacturers and distributors to agents and farmers. There is no other event that highlights the full life cycle of biological crop inputs.

Why Attend

Meet Manufacturers, Distributors, Agents, and Growers

Hear Real-World Success Stories

Networking Breaks, Lunches, and Cocktail Receptions

Learn New Technologies, Regulations, and Use Trends

Become Part of this Growing Community and Global Ag Effort.

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Biocontrols Conference & Expo Highlights

  • Real-world success stories of how to integrate biocontrols along with conventional and organic options in integrated pest management programs
  • Practical knowledge that will help you select, purchase, apply, and measure the effectiveness of biocontrol products in real-world growing environments
  • Latest products and technological developments in biocontrols
  • Regulatory and market developments that are encouraging or requiring more use of biocontrols
  • 30+ exhibitors – many of the top biocontrol suppliers in the country – on the tradeshow floor
  • All parts of the value chain from manufacturers, distributors, agents, and growers, can network and plan for the future adoption of the fastest-growing crop inputs for modern agriculture